Thursday, May 29, 2008

A little bit of fun

To all my classmates - enjoy!

That Yellow Line!

Family photo (Hawaii for Easter 2008)
This is my first blog ever so please be kind!

First off I felt the great need to post something on this site since only one woman from our class (Nisa) has done so (and I'm impressed since Nisa created a whole site of her own!). It is time, however, that more of the women from our class posted directly to the site. 4o years ago we had a lot to say (I don't think I was the only one who got poor conduct grades) and I hope we still do.

But back to that yellow line. I know back in the day it didn't bother me too much and it seemed to make some sense. (After all the guys were rowdier than we were back then.) However, once I got to high school and got to play basketball I realized how much fun it would have been if we too could have had basketball hoops on our side of the line too. And it wasn't until many years later when I was doing my third year paper in law school on Title IX that it occurred to me that we were also deprived of the opportunity to play lots of sports when we were little girls (notice the guys can talk about their CYO friends from back in the day - we didn't have CYO for girls back then). Anyway, I am glad the yellow line is gone and I am glad that times have changed. My daughter's friends (she is a senior in HS right now) used to laugh when I would tell them about the "old days" and the yellow line and that girls could not play basketball back when I was growing up because it was too physical for girls. My daughter has played sports since she was six years old and next year will get to play volleyball and basketball in college (only at the Division III level - she unfortunately is my kid and wasn't born with the genes to play at the Division I level).

And I keep trying to remember what we girls did on our side of the yellow line. Of course I only had 4 years at OLPH. I remember volleyball and four square (okay so we did get to play with a ball) and hopscotch. I remember lots of talking. (Little did I know what all the guys were up to on their side of the line.) We had lots of slumber parties and for many of us Girl Scouts. Were we boring? I can't remember!

For those I haven't been in touch with at all through the years, I went on to St John's after OLPH (go Class of 73 from SJU -which includes a number of our classmates), then on to Cal (where I was roommates with Donna Abrahamsohn) and then on to Harvard Law. I practiced law in San Francisco for about 24 years before I quit law firm life. I got married about 25 years ago (upcoming 25th wedding anniversary this summer) to a lawyer I worked with and have two kids. My son is a junior in college down in Southern California and my baby goes off to Philadelphia for college in August. We live in Oakland. This next year, as an empty nester, I will need to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life (definitely not law firm life!). (Wow, a whole life in one paragraph).

So hi to all of you. I will be sending emails. It's hard to believe that I have gone so many years without even talking to people who were my whole life back in the day.

Rick (see I can say Rick!), thanks for starting us all off. It is truly a gift.

Twila (still go by Foster)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Patti's Party House

Just recieved a short note from Patti S .and I can't help but think of the parties at her house in the TOP OF THE HILL ' , was she a party animal ? Did she have the biggest house ? Did she have cool parents ?......I want to say Patti's Mom and Dad wanted to keep an eye on her and what better way than to host the parties......Now that makes them pretty cool in my eyes !!!....Jean H. ( all the way from Chicago ) wrote me a short note and she says she just remembers everybody with our 13 year old little faces .........I had to laugh to myself because she's right .....anybody that left the hill after 1969 would only have those smiley little faces stuck in their memory banks for 40 years ......OK Gang everybody break out the old and new photo's and let's e-mail a ton of pics to Jean , allowing her to erase those young faces from her memory and replace it with our forty year older faces .....Come to think of it , not a good idea ......Jean , I will send you a picture of when I was thirty and that will have to do ...All kidding aside , I hope everyone is feeling the excitement and looking forward to THE EVENT in 2009.......

Since music is my passion and I know that music is a powerful medium, let me throw you back a few years , OK how about forty years .....



Monday, May 26, 2008

Passages OLPH Class of 1969

When the last teardrop falls.......We will stand tall
..........And hold onto the wonderful memories......
Of how they used to be......

Please take a couple minutes out of your life to remember

Saturday, May 24, 2008

General Information

Here is a brief synopsis of my life since OLPH (consider yourself were warned)

1969 - 1973 Lick-Wilmerding High School (yes, I was accepted at Riordan but that was not my path as the saying goes)

1973 - 1975 College of Small Minds. Some of you just smiled, didn't you? What can I say, the price was right and the teachers were good.

1975 Summer is where things got interesting. As a result of work at the above mentioned "college" I was accepted at Cal-Poly SLO. Neat, having worked for the last 6 years or so I had saved up enough money to cover the costs. The problem, Intel offered me a job to design CMOS and PMOS but the folks that caught my fancy was a small group out in Livermore, a national lab across the street from the one most think about. The problem, instead of the summer job I asked for, they offered me a full time one with the additional temptation of... paying for me to go to school "later." Wow, double my wage, full time, health benefits, and a free education? I jumped at the opportunity. I bought a 1969 Mustang and headed "East" to start a new life. Later became much later for formal education but I learned my real education started in the Fall of 1975. Not much later the Lab actually pulled a war powers act on many of us to keep us working 12 hour days! That caused me to re-evaluate things and soon I was back in night school (SFSU this time).

1978 Married the love of my life, Linda
1980 Son, William, born
1983 Daughter, Lisa, born
1987 Both kids old enough that I no longer had to worry if they were playing out of sight or silently sooooooo I started night school at College of Notre Dame to complete my BSCS. There is a funny story about USF actually asking me not to go there because they were afraid I would challenge their teachers, hey working in Livermore was a *real* education and I had been playing with Crays for awhile. 8^) CND on the other hand said why do you want a BS and when I explained welcomed me with open arms. It turned out to be the right choice, my professor was a pupil of a Von Neumann pupil. Talking about education not far from the CS tree.
1989 Quit on the the fourteenth anniversary of starting work in Livermore and switched jobs (look when your Wife tells you to quit, you quit! And her reasons were sound though doing research gets under one's skin). I was now working for NASA at Moffett Field
1991 Graduated from CND and thought "Wow, no more calculus!!!!"
1999 Accepted into a NASA development program
2000 Worked in DC
2001 - 2003 MIT. Yes sleep is *highly* over rated. Lots of stories here (for one class I was part of a team competition that designed a supersonic business jet, our design won), a truly crazy place and yes there is still an Einstein there. Oh, and I was SOOOOOOOOO wrong about "no more calculus" above.
2007 back in DC again and working to help us get back to the moon and beyond (Buzz Lightyear, where are you?) Oh, and while being 2,704 miles away I was working on this other task... ( My program management side of the brain requires me to state that the task was successfully completed on time and within budget. 8^)

Oh yeah and less than a month before the aforementioned task was completed, Lisa completed her MS in Biomedical engineering at... Cal-Poly SLO, just as Will had done 3 years previous. So yes, I never went to SLO but both of my kids decided to. And their major ended up being an interesting blend of Linda (an RN) and myself (engineer). It is a great engineering school with a penchant for hands-on learning, but for many reasons (see 1978 above) I am happy I never went there.

2008 30th anniversary (yeah, not sure why she still puts up with me) was just celebrated!

That brings us up to today. I am still located at Ames Research Center but work part time for the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, Directorate Integration Office at HQ. So travel around the US working enterprise architecture issues for them is my reality. And yes, I have access to some real cool pictures like this one that was taken, ummm, not from land.

General Comments (yes, ex-military must stand and salute!)

Ok Wayne you started this. 8^)

I posted my Altar boys memories as a comment to John's post (hey, this is sort of like playing clue!).

And yes, I remember the plays, I think I was part of a spoof of the three musketeers or was it Man of LaMancha in one of them? But we got to make fake swords (wood covered with foil if I remember) and I think there was a controversy about us running around with them and hurting someone. Also, what about the square dancing lessons? A lot happened down in the cafetorium (remember the sports "banquets" and such)?

Also, how many of you remember joining St. Vincent dePaul? The Sunday meetings after church with *free* doughnuts? Come on now.

Or trips to the library (OLPH and the Daly City library around the corner). yes actually checking out and reading books. I remember a certain person who used to check out the same book I did because we liked talking about them, especially science fiction!

Or recesses playing with the wiffle football? Running and flipping over the chain link fence (jump, hit the top of the fence around belt high, lean forward, grab, and try and land on your feet). When done well a feeling of exuberance. When not..., well I do remember ripping a shirt in a familiar upside down "L" pattern. And playing hard on top of asphalt (these days the kids have to have cushioned falls). Somehow scrapping a knee or palm of the hand seemed to breed character.

Or what about the "tie-fights" when someone thought young men properly attired included clip on ties?

Also, are we going to try and track down any of our transient classmates (Kevin Tinsley comes to mind).

Wow, thinking about this sure has opened the dam gates as the saying goes.

Altar Boys

Someone made a post about the altar boys. Of course I was one too and yes, we did have to learn a few latin phrases. I don't remember the "buzz" though, but I am sure those brain cells have probably left me. I do remember pairing up with Gary alot. I also remember loving to do weddings because you normally got paid for it, and hating funerals because you didn't.

When I was in the back getting ready and hungry I would munch on two things. I would eat sugar cubes and grab a few unleavened hosts (or whatever you call them now). Other than that I didn't get into too much mischief.

I did most of my masses for Father Bergen. I remember him as a very nice guy, for an old person, as he tolerated all my mistakes in the mass. The latin for "God be with you," and the response, "and with you also," still rings in my ears. Of course the hardest part was the long latin phrase we had to learn just before the wine and water. I can't recollect that at all.

Class Performances

Does anyone remember the two performances put on by our class in the cafetorium? The first was a concert put on by Rick P. and Danny C. and some others. The only thing I remember about that was the word Buttermilk. I think Danny recited it over and over again, so I think that was the name of the piece.

The other performance I think was our 8th grade show to the underclasses. We did a laugh-in spoof. I remember very little about that. I only remember two things from that performance. One, when someone threw a "knife" offstage and Brendan falls over from behind the curtains with the "knife" stuck in his chest, and second, our final song. It went to the tune of the Battle Hymn of the Republic. I think some of the words went like:

Glory, Glory, Hallelujah,
Teacher hit me with a ruler,
I bopped her on the bean
With a rotten tangerine,
and her teeth came marching out... one! two!
and her teeth came marching out... three! four!

... and so on.

Am I remembering this correctly or did I mix my own childhood dreams into it?

Friday, May 23, 2008

The "In-Between"

I guess I will deviate slightly from the posting of memories to quickly catch you all up on my "In-Between." I was not the sharpest tack on the wall at OLPH (see evidence at left) but I think some of that had to do with my rough childhood. Things settled down after my parents divorced and our large family enjoyed some normalcy at that point. After OLPH I attended Riordan High for three years (1969-1972). Unfortunately, my hard working mother couldn't afford the tuition for the last year as she was caring for all seven of us. So I graduated from Jefferson High in 1973.

From the summer of 1973 to the fall of 1974 I did a little bit of college at Skyline Community and a lot of work as slave labor (well, practically) for a small construction company. In November of 1974 I joined the Air Force. I enlisted as a general enlistee with no specific job but my high school grades and entrance scores put me in the top percentile of enlistees. I was chosen to go to the Defense Language Institute in Monterey California to be taught Chinese Mandarin. For the next 24 years I worked for Air Force intelligence and reconnaissance programs. In April of 1976 I went overseas to my first assignment, Okinawa, Japan. This was a flying assignment where I worked as aircrew on an RC-135, a military version of the Boeing 707.

The group picture upper left is a crew from one RC-135. We could squeeze about 25 people on those planes in and around all the equipment. Of course, when the mission was done it was definitely time for a cold one.

I left Okinawa the first time in late 1977 and went directly to Korea. It was here that I met my wife to be. We actually married two years later in 1979. The picture on the left is her in 1978. I left Korea in the Fall of 1978 and came back to Monterey for an Intermediate Chinese course and then went straight back to Okinawa to fly some more. When I arrived in Okinawa in 1979 I flew to Korea to get married. I stayed in Okinawa till 1983, trying to fit in with the local customs (see picture at right). I then proceeded back to Monterey for an advanced Chinese course, and then went overseas yet again for a two year tour in Korea. Then in 1986 my fortunes were to change a bit as I was assigned to Hawaii. I stayed there for six years straight. In 1992 I went back to Korea for the third and final trip, and then arrived here in San Angelo in 1993 as a language intelligence instructor. I retired here in 1999 and have been here ever since. After retirement I worked for several information technology companies while getting my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Computer Science. I am now a Program Manager and Senior Software Engineer for BAE Systems.

Somewhere along the way we had a son, Joseph, who was born in Okinawa in 1980. He will be 28 this Fall. He works locally as a records technician for the San Angelo Police Department. He is single and enjoys living alone.

The picture on the left was taken a few years ago. The picture on the right depicts my son with his mother on the occasion of mom's GED Graduation Ceremony from a local college. We were all very proud of her achievement to get a high school education outside of her native tongue.
I went through this pretty fast because I like the reminiscing better. But I think it's cool to know a little bit about what we have been up to in our "In Between" years.

Class Alums

John has sent a general e-mail inviting each and everyone of you to post to this site . It does make the stories more personal.... Russell W and Ed M are already aboard as contributors to this site ( I created my own G-mail acct to post to this site as Ricky ).....otherwise John has sent instructions for the General alum acct ......Hope this doesn't confuse anyone ....Happy blogging .....Ricky

What's missing from this picture ???

Bless me Father for I have sinned , It has been 39 years since my last confession......Well not really but after reading John's posts yesterday ........playboys?, tossing quarters? , throwing baseball cards? I was ready to grab the first priest I saw and confess right on the spot. What next ? The climbing to the top of the Old Rectory story , oh, and you know what happened next ? John , I will leave it for you to fill in the blanks because David G . isn't aboard yet to defend himself .......OOPs , I forgot , you've already hung Jeff M out to dry .......TOUCHE'

Well funny you should mention all the extra curricular activities in THE YARD because I just happened to have taken pictures of where these purported crimes took place keep in mind as a First grader when we entered the yard back then , it was HUGE...coliseum big . When we left the OLPH grounds after graduation the yard was still good size . When I drove into the yard the other day it appeared as if there was some acreage missing, but after a quick tour around, it all looked intact, albeit a little older ....Then I said to myself , " where is the yellow line ?" ......I grabbed my camera , took pictures, then went home to e-mail Ed Mahoney to see if he had a back story regarding the line.....Then I remembered where I had seen the picture of that line a few weeks back . I e-mailed OLPH Alum Jim Flaherty Class of 1973 to see if he would let me grab it off of his site ......Profs to you Jim .....he's a veteran blogger of 4 years and his site is full of great stories ...when you have a second check him out at

Here's pics of my drive by where the shootings took place shots, not actual shootings ..

And here it is ..........
What you have been waiting for ........
The "YELLOW LINE " ( Thanks again Jim )


Today's Memory

Rick dropped me a line last evening and mentioned a name I hadn't thought of in probably 39 years. Father Tom. I immediately conjured up images of Church and the 60's movement of a "kinder gentler" Church. Mass in English, not in Latin. Remodeled modern Church building. Flowing modern banners. And, Father Tom strumming his guitar rather than the organist playing.

So, today's memory is about the OLPH Church. Do any of the guys who were alter boys remember the shock you could give yourself by touching the screw on the side of the Church bell electronics cabinet and the metal handle on the sink? Zzzzaaapppp!!! I sure do. I have a few other Church memories. I'll save them for another day.

The picture to the left obviously has nothing to do with Church; it's just the evidence of the stingray from the fish story (see earlier blog). That's my folk's backyard, btw. The grass is long gone (probably about the time I left home since it was my job to cut it.)

Anyway, I'm claiming the 90% rule Rick asked for. The story is 100% true, but looking at my picture it might be post OLPH. My hair is a little long. Let's just say it was the Summer after OLPH graduation.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend...John

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Recess Anyone?

Here's a few of the things I remember from recess:
  • One-foot-off-the-gutter (I stunk at it. Too slow)
  • Dodge-ball (I stunk at that, too, for the same reason)
  • Four-square near the back of the rectory (I held my own in this game)
  • Pitching baseball cards in the arches (Mike Stanley's article in the Summer 2007 edition of Perpetual Light (page 4) reminded me of this) (I was better than average at it)
  • Pitching quarters along the walkway behind the Church (I made a few bucks)
  • Upper and lower play-grounds
  • I only once hopped the fence the cool way where you ran to the fence, grabbed it and sort of cartwheeled over it and landed on the other level. Ripped my sweater and never tried again.
  • No one could hop the fence between upper and lower faster than Peter J.
  • Ripping holes in my pants at the knees. Did that once on a Monday after Mom bought me new pants on Saturday at the JCPenney in Westlake. I was able to keep it from her for maybe two weeks. I think she made me iron on my own patch that time.

Speaking of Jeff

Here's a little story that is sure to get a chuckle from him. I still LMAO whenever I think of it.

At some point probably in 7th or 8th grade somehow I got from the Cigar Store on Mission St (around the corner from Gary's home) a copy of a Playboy or two (they had used ones). Needless to say, they found a home between my mattresses.

Now, to set the scene. My room at the time was on the 2nd floor of our home (my folks still live there, btw). Anyway, in the afternoon that room, since it faced the West, got the most sun and was nice and toasty on cool days. My Mom would just love to lay down on my bed in the later afternoon and soak up the afternoon sun.

Okay, the scene is set. Now for the Jeff part. Jeff either slept over the night before or was dropped off for school in the morning. Jeff had this bright idea to take the centerfold from one of the stashed mags and lay it on my pillow (under the bedspread). He obviously thought I'd get a kick out of it later that night when I went to bed and pulled back the bedspread. Well, I think you can figure out what happened. Mom goes in for her afternoon soak in the sun, her head hits the pillow covered still by the bedspread, and CRUNCH! "What the heck?" Mom pulls back the bedspread only to find the picture of a young beautiful NAKED woman staring lustfully at her. I wasn't there YET, but I can hear her, "Oh, my!!!"

Home from school I proceed to my room only to find the centerfold still on the bed with the bedspread pulled down. You can imagine my "Oh, Shoot" (I don't think I've ever heard the word shit uttered in my folks home so I know I didn't say that.) Anyway, Mom enters the room for an explanation.

Quick John, how are you going to get out of this dilemma?

"Ummmm. That's gotta be Jeff's"

Fishing Stories?

More WOW!!!

Gary and Wayne, what terrific stories. I too use to ride Muni to fish the Bay. I usually did so down about Pier 29 (Somewhere in that range. I know it was between Pier 39 and the Ferry Building). Anyway, a couple of fantastic catches were a 6' Tiger Shark (once landed we had to let it go as it was too big for the bus) , and a stingray with a "wingspan" of about 3 feet. That one I called my Dad to help me with and I have a picture somewhere of me and the ray in my Daly City backyard. Fishing was usually with Jeff M (where are you, btw?).

Thanks again Rick (and Wayne and Gary) for the most wonderful memories you've pulled from the recesses (no pun intended) of my mind.

I've definitely added this blog to my Google Reader so I will not miss one wonderful story we all share.

What a treasure this site is going to be.

Take care all...John

Great Memories and Halloween

Rick and Nisa, you guys are doing a great job of getting this altogether. Thanks. I am really enjoying the memories and getting back in touch. I am all for a reunion and chance to catch up with everyone again. When I look at the pictures you posted it brings back so many memories, the majority of them good. I have to take one Chauvinistic moment to say we had the best looking ladies of any graduating class I can remember ahead or behind us. Ok, the guys were good looking too!

Speaking of Patti Spinetti's graduation party, do you all remember her Halloween Party? She did a super job with the ghost story, where all the lights were turned out and she recited a story about a ghost needing to recover its body parts. With each mention of a part she would pass something down the line that we had to take and pass down. For instance, when talking about the ghost's eyes she passed down a couple of peas. There were a few "ewwws" during that story but it was fun. We also bobbed for apples at that time.

But what I remember most about that day was when I was staring out the upper window day dreaming, I suddenly felt someone tapping me on the shoulder. The person pointed up to a window near where I was looking and there was Nisa and Peter J pointing their fingers at me. After a few seconds I realized they thought I was invading their privacy, but I unsuccessfully tried to assure them I wasn't.

Looking back I wish we did more things like that as a class, because when we did, we had a great time.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

blasts from the past

You know how when you hear a song , or when your nose catches whiff of a faint but familiar smell ......over the years , whenever I heard the song "la la la la la la la la , I love you "
it would send me back to pattii spinetti's house where we had our graduation party... and down in san diego , whenever I smelled eucalyptus trees , my mind raced back to the hills behind my home where I grew up ......put your seat belts on for an "e" ticket ride to " the days" .....Ricky

.............You can take a rest ......I'll be back ....with more ...Ricky

The gloves are on ...keep it clean ....DING !!!

This entry is from Wayne Bascom San Angelo Texas


Here’s a story you can post on your blog if you choose to do so…

Dialing for Dollars

In my high school days there was a weekday when I was home from school. It must have been some holiday or something because others were home too. I just don’t remember the reason. Anyway, I had nothing going on so I was of course watching TV. I don’t watch soap operas so I watched a movie on Channel 2’s Dialing for Dollars with Pat McCormick. Somewhere along the program he called the Aguiar residence (but his pronunciation didn’t give it away to me at first). The person on the phone was able to correctly provide the count and amount. Pat congratulated him asked if he still lived in Daly City. At this time I knew it was Gary’s family and as soon as they got off the phone I called Gary. Sure enough, he had just been on the phone with Pat McCormick, and won somewhere around $165 if I remember right. Gary asked me to join him on the trip to Jack London Square. We visited the TV studio (A large warehouse of sets) and sat just outside the camera while Pat ran the show. At one commercial break he called Gary up and presented him the check. Gary tried to grab me up there with him but I told him this was his show. I don’t remember if we celebrated afterwards, but at the time we thought it was a hoot.


I sent this note to Gary Aguiar

Gary , Wayne just shared a Gary Aguiar Story with me ....... so the question is what happened to the $ 165 ??? Thanks ....

I received this from Gary Aguiar

It was summer vacation and were all mindlessly watching a 1951 Bob Hope Christmas movie (the lemon drop kid). I'm not sure what happened to the $165. That would have been quite a windfall back in '72 or '73. I imagine I did something stupid with it, like save it for college. I remember framing a copy of the check and hanging it in the living room.I will have to dig up a good "Wayne Story" to throw into the pot. Say "hi" to Wayne for me. I tried to "Google" him, but got a dead-end somewhere in Texas maybe? I assume there will eventually be some sort of "blog" or website where we can get everybody's e-mails, etc.Gary Aguiar

I recieved this from Wayne

Gary and Rick,

Hmm, I remember another Gary story (pre-emptive strike before he sends some on me!)

I used to go over to see Gary at his house on 10 Bepler from time to time. Speaking of that, when I went back to Daly city the last time, about 10 years ago, I saw it was a Muni parking lot. Too bad. But Gary was very talented. Besides caring for his little rats (or maybe they were Gerbils or Hamsters or something) he was handy with his hands. He showed me how he could take discarded wax from the coke canners and make neat free-flowing candles by plunging the hot wax into a pail or bucket of water and watch the wax rise and harden. He also made his own crab nets. On several occasions Gary and I would take busses or drive to Muni Pier in San Francisco and go crab fishing. That was when the crabs were pink and red, not brown and black with three eyes like they are now. Anyway, we would use his crab nets to get our load of crabs (I would end up with 2 to 3 dozen after the day was done) and my mom would be waiting home with a huge vat of boiling water ready to make dinner for the family.
One time Gary was especially proud of his crab net. He worked and worked on it, and made it a piece of perfection. It was time to go out and try our luck. We arrive at the pier and went to the corner store to get the bait. We loaded the bait and then with a huge toss Gary threw that net farther than I think he threw any other net. It probably was farther because as soon as he threw it we realized we hadn’t tied down the other end and it pierced through the surface and slowly faded from view, never to be seen again.
I think we both were only astonished for a few seconds, and just started laughing.

Gary was always fun to be with, and I enjoyed those times together.

I just recieved this from Gary hot off the press

Wayne:Well you got me good with the crab net story! Every time I try to think up one on you, I just remember another crazy thing that I did back in those days. Some of the best memories were those fishing adventures at Muni Pier. I can remember the shock on people's faces when we would transfer onto a totally packed muni bus in the financial district during rush hour with the crab nets (including bait remnants) and a two gunney sacks full of live crabs. I remember you catching a huge halibut on one of the excursions. I can't remember if you caught it in the crab net, or if we had fishing poles also. I actually go down there a couple times a week to swim in the Bay, so I always think about those adventures when I look up at Muni Pier. I have attached a photo of you and Russell Wurtenberg. That was on an OLPH field trip where we went on a Bay Tour. It must have been seventh grade. I got this from an envelope full of negatives that I found. I will keep looking through them and forward as I am able to process them -- I have to scan the negative, then photoshop it back to a normal black-and-white print (tedious). It looks like I have some schoolyard and classroom pictures.

Gary Aguiar

The Birth of our Blog

It has arrived !
The new baby Birl or Goy ( what do you call a Blog Site ?? ) is here .......
4.5 lbs 12"long 8" tall ( my laptop )
This site is intended and dedicated for the use of all OLPH Class of 1969 alums , those who were with us in our earlier years but relocated out of area , those who participated in our sports programs but weren't officially students of OLPH, teachers associated with the class of 1969 , and finally .......any cool people who just want to hang with us ......welcome to our baby....
Leave a comment or get a hold of Nisa or Myself
Rick Pacheco
OLPH Class President
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