Friday, July 25, 2008

To the moon Alice!


Remember how Ralph Kramden always was saying he was going to send Alice, his Wife, to the moon when we were classmates (ok, it was in reruns but you watched, right)? Well how would you like to send your whole family into space? Well not physically but their names?

As part of the Kepler Mission to Search for Habitable Planets a Name In Space program has been created. You may submit a name or names on either: or

Names submitted by November 1, 2008 will be stored on a DVD and rocketed into space on board the Kepler spacecraft. When you submit a name, you will receive a certificate via email. You can also create certificates for family and friends to serve as gifts.

Hey, maybe we can be the first OLPH class "lost in space" (sorry, yet another flash back to our youth)?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July birthdays?

I hope everyone has a wonderful Fourth of July.
Also, being one of the outed June "babies" I have to wonder who has a birthday in July?