Thursday, August 21, 2008


Deepest thanks to Alumni Darlene Solem -
She continues to offer any help and assistance in our search for classmates -
Darlene and I had a very nice conversation a couple of weeks ago - she asked if I had found anyone else - I said I was in the process of searching for Chris Daniele - I had looked her up on - although I did not find Chris I did find Julie Daniele - I remembered Chris had a sister named Julie - to my surprise - the number was the same as on the (keep in touch page) from our 8th grade yearbook that Ricky sent to me -
Darlene offered right away to call - not only did she talk to her - she also got her birthday!
Even though it is belated Chris - Happy 53 to you!!!!!!!! - I am sure you celebrated with music - To this day every time I see a 45 record - I always think of you! Welcome back to the class!
Hopefully we will continue to find as many as possible and be reunited again soon!
I wish it was tomorrow!
Much thanks again to you - Darlene - for keeping the "thread" going!!!!!!!

Sincerely - Nisa

Monday, August 4, 2008

"Dating" oneself


Well, I thought it might be reassuring to some of us that we are not the only ones who reached 50 this decade. NASA turns 50!

This link take you to a site that is good for all ages. I hope you enjoy it.