Friday, September 26, 2008


I thought some of you might be interested in the following animation of the planned lunar landing. And yes, the crater is that big (dwarfs the Grand Canyon)!

By the way, I believe the images of the surface of the moon are real from the lunar surveyor activities, the animation is the integration of the Lander on the flight path to landing.

I also think this is an excellent example of why the world needs more young people to take an interest in the sciences and math. This is not easy stuff but it is doable when a team of bright individuals work together.

Oh, and here is a sight that has not been seen in almost 20 years, and may never be seen again. Two shuttles standing tall and being readied for launch. Click on the image to see all the detail.

I, for one, hope the rainbow is a good sign.

I hope you all are enjoying the first days of Fall.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's DSI not CSI

Give the girl a little clue , and she hands you the person .......Gave Darlene the name of " her sister Cory" ...and TUH DUH .........Darlene has found Valerie .....Job well done ...E-mails to follow on contact info for Valerie and there are rumors floating around that our Detective slueth from DSI " Darlene Solemn Investigations " has found Alison ....Gave her the name of Mike Chelone , Alison's older brother, and ' Voila" ...details to follow on that find

September Birthdays

Does anybody remember when we were let's say around 25 years old and our parents were let's say around 50 ...and we thought they may have been let's say a little old .......Now that we are there or let's say some of us are here "at 53 years of age "..... it really doesn't feel old at all now, does it ???

Speaking of 53 years young , there are two of us celebrating Birthdays this month

Cathy Verette September 2

Darlene Dinius September 17