Tuesday, May 12, 2015

60 years old....holy moly

sitting here watching the giants beat up on the houston astros and i'm thinking of all the great baseball moments that were shared with all my baseball classmates in years past....was in scottsdale arizona for spring training , and spent time with john sawyer and danny cross.....got me thinking about 2015 and how this is the year when all of us olph class of '69 peeps turn sixty years old....my oh my...except for you peter j. ....i believe you turned 60 in december....well hoist up a cold one of your choice and here's wishing you a happy , happy and healthy 60th boys and girls....enjoy the year with your families ...enjoy the baseball ( thank you giants )...enjoy the basketball ( thank you warriors )...love you guys


Darlene said...

I have been reminiscing too, Rick, about our reunions and years past when we were young and all together. Seems like someone is turning 60 every month or more this year and thinking about that too. I could barely remember the name of our blog and guess none of us get notified if there is a new post. How did time go by so fast. Hoping to get to DC soon. We should send this link out to all classmates to wish them all a Happy 60th. I have a new computer, MAC still but updates will not allow me to combine one email. Can you do this? To wish all a Happy 60?

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