Sunday, July 26, 2009


I go back and remember walking down Valerie's walkway at around 12:30, and having Rick greet me with a camera, click, then my husband, click. Back up a bit and my husband and I called Nisa to see where she was as we were getting closer. She had a ways to come from Cottonwood. She was so excited, and driving alone. She said to call her in 15 minutes. We (my husband and I called Valerie) and she had already had a drink or 2 of wine to calm her nerves and asked us to call as we got closer.
It was wonderful to finally see Rick after 40 years. Over one year on the telephone and many e-mails.
Next, off to the kitchen to give Valerie a big hug and Elaine (formerly Sister Elaine) and Susan Votaw a little bit later. Rick and I sat and visited for a bit and then things seemed to move in fast motion. Meantime my husband said it is 1:30 and no Nisa. I called her and she was just arriving.
Valerie was putting together food with Elaine and Susan. As Classmates arrived, so did food. Some food was barbequed. We had a wonderful potluck. We had a wonderful group of Classmates and 2 teachers with us, along with my husband, Jackie's husband and Patti's husband.
Sue made the beautiful OLPH board with photos from Classmates. She also brought the cake that said "Together Again". What a beautiful and yummy cake. My husband and I, with the help of our son, Erik, used the music from the evite to put together 3 CD's for all Classmates that attended.
The day went so fast that we could not believe that it was over when we left at 8pm. We are all so anxious to get together again and hope it is sooner than later.
I cannot end this without wondering what color Peter's hair will be next time. Peter looks like his father. I enjoyed seeing and visiting with everyone that was there.
As I end this post, I know I am missing so many details. I was inspired to write this and do not know why I put this off without thinking of a way to make it all come together. My inspiration was Wayne. He and I were chatting tonight (Sept. 6, 2009) online and laughing and it came to me as to how to wrap up the reunion posts. To simply tell the story.
Valerie, thank you for opening your home to us. You were a wonderful hostess. Next time we will call for food to be delivered, or have someone pick up food and all chip in. Then you will be out of the kitchen. Paper plates, plastic wear, my husband will make wine coolers, we will tell stories, laugh, take lots of photos and Nisa can draw tatoos on each person that wants one.

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